MY LAPTOPS AND I........Part 2

My laptop! 

A crack was across the screen.

I hoped it would not interfere with its use but as I started to type the letter the student needed, it went berserk. I wanted to cry. It was such a raw pain. I could not believe it. 

I started to berate myself. I should have done Lil Miss’ work for her. I should have gone downstairs to get the laptop myself. Seeing what was going on, I doubted that anyone would admit it happened on their watch. So, I refused to think about how it happened and focused on getting it fixed. 

I lamented about it on Twitter and decided maybe to try and get a netbook as a stopgap measure. After all my ranting, a friend offered to send me a spare laptop and it appeared to be a better than ‘buy netbook’ stopgap measure and I set about buying another by getting my sister to help me do the purchase. We talked about it back and forth and even though I was very distressed, she calmed me and assured she would get on it as quickly as her two jobs-two business hectic life would allow.

I used my Acer-with-the crack and developed a thick skin to the episodes of crazy it went through from time to time when the machine developed a life of its own and opened and closed every and anything just to let me know I was not the boss of it.  

A few times, I was so frustrated, I tried to bypass the crazy  by using a USB  mouse but usually, I would have to abandon whatever I was doing till another time.

So, Saturday, my friend had arrived with the ‘spare laptop’ and she had her driver deliver it to me. I received it and immediately set about unboxing it to meet the next in line of the laptops who serve Her Royal Sweetness, my very humble self, even if only in a temporary capacity (my thoughts, cos the emphasis had been on ‘spare’ which I translated to ‘used’ in my head). I was soooo distracted by that word that I missed the fact that the box had Lenovo written on it. 

I opened the box, brought out this sleek machine and it finally dawned on me! This person, had gone and bought me a brand new laptop!

I was stunned.


How had I missed this?

I pride myself on being able to spot a twist a mile away but this one? I totally missed. I wanted to scream and be quiet at the same time. I wanted to jump for joy and curl up in the fetal position in which I deal with things too hard for me at the same time. I was assailed by very many emotions in a huge jumble and I sat on my bedroom floor to examine and characterize each in an attempt to understand. I mentally walked back through our conversations to see how I had missed this and I just didn’t know how to deal. 

I finally settled on writing so I could finally stop being so shocked. Not at the laptop but at how I totally missed any hint that this was what he would do.

Anyway, I love it! 

A Lenovo Ideapad 320. 

It is so me. I rushed to look for a review online and I find it was only released in June 2017 and I am so very grateful. For the kindness and of course the sleight of hand that meant I was totally oblivious till I got it. 

Thank you, you.

For the kindness of friendship and more.

For your unique personality and all. I hope you hear the unspoken words. I can’t put them down, would seem sacrilegious somehow.

And er, did I mention my car has been misbehaving lately? Was just wondering if you had a ‘spare’ car…, you know, a 2017 RAV 4….*flees*